Lash Workspace Setup

Here are some of our recommendations to setup your workspace as a beginner! We're all about high quality and affordability so we hope this helps you!

Lash Bed & Cover
Something simple when starting. You want to make sure your legs are wide open and keep those feet stabilized.
Lash Stools
One option for something more affordable and another for comfortability. I found myself having back issues with the flat stool because i had to keep fixing my posture. The saddle stool helped correct that. Its high quality too - Ive been using this stool for almost 3 years.
Memory Foam for your bed

Our beds have this on top - 2 inch is great and you can always go up in thickness for more comfort.


Here are some options for affordable lighting! You want to make sure that it has settings to dim in case client is photo sensitive.



Leg Elevation Pillow
For comfortability, this will help clients feel more comfortable and will help their back!
 Lash Pillow
Luxury lash pillow from
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