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Wispy Styling Workshop

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For anyone wanting to create beautiful wispy sets with ease and confidently add the most requested lash set to their services! 

This is a private 1:1 class, available in person or via zoom. For available dates, visit (please book after deposit is paid here).

Pre-requirements: Must know how to isolate and have certificate to classics.

Duration: 3.5 hours

Deposit $150
Balance $349 (due before class)


  • Starter Kit
  • Printed Manual
  • Lifetime Student Discount on supplies
  • Lifetime Mentorship
  • Constant Promotion + Client Referrals
  • Student Group Chat + Private Instagram
  • Certificate of Completion
    (Does not include a live model)

What You'll Learn:

  • Perfecting Your Pinch
  • How to Create Wide Fans
  • How to Create Closed Fans
  • How to Create Narrow Fans
  • Understanding How to Map in Layers 
  • How to Create a Dark Lash Line 
  • How to Create a Strip Lash Set
  • Mapping Different Wispy Styles
  • Understanding Eye Shapes
  • Corrective Mapping
  • Inner & Outer Corner Tips